The Worlds Biggest Casinos in the World and in New Zealand


Even though many today choose to do their gambling online there is of course still interest in playing at land-based casinos. Unfortunately, not all people can travel to a large land-based casino in real life. The question is then of course if you want to travel to the world’s biggest casinos, where is it? Las Vegas? Or maybe Monaco? Let’s find out as well as finding out what you can expect from these gigantic casinos.

Biggest Casino in the World is in China

The world’s biggest casino is located in China in a province named the “The Gambling Paradise of the world”, Macao. The casino is called The Venetian Macao and the building the casino is located stretches out in total to more than 980,000 square meters. This means that the building is actually one of the biggest in the world. The casino itself is 51,000 square meters. Inside the casino, you’ll find 4 different gambling areas and in total roughly 870 different table games, in which different poker games are also taken into account. There’s of course also hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping malls, and pools. So to summarize: Go to The Venetian Macao and we can guarantee that you won’t feel bored!

Biggest Casino in the US

The second world’s biggest casino is located in the US, but actually not in Las Vegas as you might think. This gigantic casino is located in Oklahoma and is called WinStar World Casino. The gambling area is a total of 48,200 square meters and in that area, there are over 75 different table games and over 7000 pokies. There’s also a poker room with 46 tables and if you’re into bingo you’ll be happy to hear that there is also a bingo hall. In the building, there are also over 1000 hotel rooms with spas and restaurants. So you will have plenty of options to spend your money after some big wins!

Other Big Casinos

The world’s third-biggest casino is also located in Chinas Macao. This is called the City of Dreams Resort and truly one of a kind and shouldn’t be missed if you are ever in Macao. The world’s fourth-biggest casino is in Connecticut, USA. It’s actually very interesting that the gambling paradise Las Vegas is not on this list at all, this is a common misconception that the largest casinos in the world is in “The City of Sin”. Yes of course, they do have several large casinos but not as big as the other ones named.

Casinos in New Zealand

SkyCity Queenstown is one of the most well-known Casinos in New Zealand. It opened back in 2000 and it’s one of 6 total casinos in New Zealand. It is unfortunately not as big as the other ones mentioned in this article but it’s got 8 gaming tables with an additional 4 more in the VIP-room. And with 86 pokies it definitely is worth a visit! They have a casino license up until at least 2025 and the owner usually sponsors local events and actually also the local ice hockey team called SkyCity Southern Stampede.