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Here you’ll learn how to play various casino games as well as receive awesome casino tricks!


The card game that never goes out of style, blackjack or 21 is the same game as the one with history from as early as the 15th century and it’s easy to see why we are still playing it.

You play against the dealer and with our casinos you can even play against a real live dealer.

Online blackjack in NZ  is a really fun game where you have the possibility to decide the outcome, therefore it’s often labeled as a skill game and will not contribute to bonus wagering.

If you would like to learn how to the basics on how to play optimal blackjack or how to win at a casino I’ll recommend you’ll keep on reading. At our casinos, it’s very easy to play online blackjack for players from NZ.

Introduction to basic Blackjack strategy for players from New Zealand.

  • Remember that you are always only playing against the dealer, it’s the dealers and your own cards that matter
  • If your hand is between 12-16 and the Dealer is showing a card between 2-6 you should stand
  • If your hand is between 12-16 and the Dealer is showing a card between 7-Ace you should hit
  • If you’re dealt Aces and 8’s, mathematically it’s always correct to split these 2 hands.
  • If you have 11 and the Dealer is showing between 2-10, the best play, in the long run, is to double

Give these tips a read and try to memorize them, another smart thing would be to bookmark casinotricks so you can easy find it when you are (hopefully) winning some NZD at the tables!

Another smart thing to think about when playing online blackjack is to never play insurance, this is a losing play in the long run and it will give the casino a big mathematical edge over you. You should never sit in seat 1 (the seat that gets cards first) the reason being is that you won’t have as much time to make your decision as you would if you sat in the middle or last.

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We are sure that you’ve heard about Roulette before. The exciting game where you are to guess where the ball is going to land in one of 36 different slots. The most standard thing is to be “straight betting” this means you are placing a bet on an exact number the ball should land in, our suggestion is that you pick your 5 to 6 favorite numbers and hope you are lucky! There are a few tips and tricks you can use whilst you are playing online Roulette and we are going to go over them.

At our casinos, you’ll be able to play against real dealers and it will feel like you’re actually sitting there in the casino! It will really help you get the true casino feeling and our recommendation is that you look after our favorite game provider when it comes to live dealers, Evolution Gaming – CasinoTricks approved!

There are many strategies online to beat Roulette for NZ and we will try to go over them for you so you can try them out yourself.

A few CasinoTricks on how to beat online roulette for NZ when you are playing

  • Remember that if you are betting on Red or Black that it’s not 50/50, it’s actually 47.6%. This reason is because of the Green box.
  • MartinGale – A system where you should always only bet on either Red or Black, if you lose your bet just double it – you will always come out a winner unless you hit the max bets of the Roulette table. With this system, you will always, mathematically, come out as a winner 100% of the time.
  • Check out the Hot Numbers that are usually shown at a table, these are numbers that haven’t been hitting in a while. Maybe it’s time for them now?
  • Roulette Rush System – Whenever you win your bet you should rapidly increase your stakes and play many numbers. In case you lose – just place a bigger bet on either Red or Black
  • Pick your favorite numbers and play patiently – at some point, you will hit your numbers and get the chance to win big on online Roulette!

Do you have your own Roulette tricks that you want to share with others? Email us at and we’ll blog about it!