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Casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are one of the most important features of every online casino, as they have the power to attract new players and keep the existing ones satisfied in the long run. Players tend to claim a casino bonus as it stimulates their gaming experience on the platform. On this website, we will reveal everything there is to know about online casino bonuses, including the types of casino bonuses, how to claim a casino bonus, the terms and conditions, and much more. We will also provide our readers with a list of the best casino bonuses that feature in the New Zealand online casinos, which are worth the attention.

Quick read about casino bonuses
  • You will find the best casino bonuses for New Zealand above you in our list with offers.
  • It's common for casinos to give out no deposit bonuses, one example is Florida Casino that accepts players from NZ.
  • The most generous bonus you can get from a casino is their welcome offer, or if you become a VIP-player.
  • Don't forget to read the casinos Terms & Conditions when you are playing with a casino bonus.

What Is a Casino Bonus?

A Casino bonus is a bonus offer that is provided to players by online casinos, as a way to encourage them into joining the online casino platform and depositing real money. In return, the casino will reward them with a reward that may come in different forms.

Usually, the casino bonus comes in the form of bonus funds, that are given to the players as a percentage of their deposit, also known as deposit match. But, sometimes online casinos might include free spins into the offer, or even offer only free spins as a reward.

The players can use the bonus money or free spins to enjoy the casino games at the featured online casino before they go on and wager with their real money.

However, every casino bonus comes with certain wagering requirements that all players must meet in order to be allowed to withdraw the bonus money and any winnings made with it. The casino bonuses work in a certain way that allows online casinos not to suffer major losses.

These wagering requirements are shown in the bonus terms and conditions of the casino bonuses and vary depending on the casino’s marketing policy. It is also very important for the players to read through the casino bonus terms as there they would find some very important information about the featured online casino bonus.

Best casino bonuses for New Zealand right now:

  • Wheelz – 100% up to $800 NZD
  • Neon Vegas – 500% up to $500
  • Rapid Casino – 100% up to $100 + 360 Free Spins
  • Casino Friday – 100% up to $500
  • Casino Universe¬†– 100% up to $1000

best casino bonuses right now

Why online casino bonuses are important

Every online casino from New Zealand that wishes to succeed in the iGaming industry must include at least a few bonuses and promotions in its offer. The reason behind it is that casino bonuses are the perfect tool for getting new customers on the gambling platform and keeping the registered players happy and loyal to the casino.

Without a good list of available bonuses, online casinos would struggle to compete with other online gambling platforms. Most players tend to choose an online casino to wager at by checking several key features, including the list of bonuses, many also considers the best online casinos NZ being just that because of their bonus offers.

The better the rewards provided by the bonuses, the more players will choose to register an account at the featured online casino. It is that simple when it comes to claiming hefty rewards from online casinos.

Without the bonuses, all online casinos would have nearly identical features, where the major difference would be in their available casino games.

Reputable online casinos know about the importance of casino bonuses, which is why they make sure to offer the best bonuses on the market and regularly update their list of promotions.

Casino bonuses are also widely used by online casinos to promote their newly acquired casino games. This way the players are able to use the bonus money from the casino bonus to get familiar with the new games and if they like the games they can continue wagering with real money.

what to think about when searching for a casino bonus

How to find the best casino bonus

In order to find the best bonus you will need to do a big research and comparisons for bonuses offered by reputable casinos. Every casino offers at least a few bonuses to its players, but not every bonus deserves the player’s attention.

There are all kinds of bonuses on the market and every bonus type is designed to target a specific type of player.

Some bonuses offer free spins as part of their bonus while others are simply rewarding cash prizes to the players.

The best bonuses are the once that offer generous prizes and come with simple terms and conditions, including low wagering requirements.

Below we will list a few factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing a bonus.

How generous is the bonus & Eligible games

This is the most important factor for the players. The first thing that comes into the player’s mind when looking for a bonus is the bonus money and the free spins that are offered by the bonuses.

You should know that all bonuses come with game limitations, meaning that you can only use the free spins and bonus money on specific games. Also, not all games contribute the same way towards the wagering requirements, so make sure to check the terms and conditions before working your way into fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements

Almost any bonus type on the market comes with certain wagering requirements that the players must meet in order to be allowed to make a withdrawal. There are some free spins and unique bonuses that come without any wagering requirements.

Those bonuses and free spins are the most desired by the players, as they won’t need to deposit additional funds to fulfill the wagering requirements.

The average wagering requirements go around x35, so make sure to find a bonus that goes around that number.

Time limitation

The time limitation of the bonuses shows how much time a player has in hand to meet the wagering requirements from a featured bonus.

Usually, the validation period for the bonuses goes around 30 days, so keep in mind to find a bonus that is at that level or at a slightly better time limit.

Payment method limitations

Some bonuses are eligible to claim only if you make a deposit with a certain banking method.

Make sure to check the eligible payment methods for the bonuses and find out whether there are any withdrawal limitations after you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements.

Different types of casino bonuses

There are all sorts of online casino bonuses provided by online casinos and every single one of them is rewarding the players in a specific way with different prizes. They also come with wagering requirements, which are different for every casino bonus. In order to clear up all types of casino bonuses, below we will list and describe every bonus type that can be found in online casinos’ promotions lists.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is possibly the most common online casino bonus that is available at every online casino site, especially at the new casinos that have recently joined the iGaming industry. It is often referred to by many players as the best online casino bonus because it often comes with some big rewards.

This bonus type is specially designed to target newly registered players at a featured online casino. The welcome bonuses are most often rewarding the players on their first deposit, or several first deposits, with bonus funds that are calculated by a match deposit percentage.

The first deposit must be exactly as the required minimum deposit or above, otherwise, the deposit bonus from the welcome bonus won’t be rewarded.

It is very common for the casino welcome bonus to include free spins as part of the casino offer. These free spins can be given all at once or provided as a package that contains a certain number of free spins for several consecutive days.

Some online casinos may only offer free spins in their welcome bonus and leave out the first deposit bonus money from the bonus offer. The player can use the bonus money and the free spins from the welcome package to get familiar with the casino games before they start to wager with real money.

Every welcome package comes with certain terms and conditions that vary from one online casino to the other. Some of the most common terms and conditions that can be found in the welcome bonuses are the wagering requirements, the minimum deposit amount, the market restrictions, the maximum bonus amount, the validation period, the game contribution, etc.

It goes without saying that the welcome bonuses can only be claimed by new players that registered a casino account and are yet to make a first deposit. Also, the welcome bonuses can only be claimed once per account, which makes it a super unique offer.

The free spins from the welcome bonus might come without any wagering requirements, or even without the need of making the first deposit in order to claim the free spins, which is also known as a free spins no deposit bonus.

An example of a welcome bonus would be, a 100% match bonus of up to $300 plus 200 free spins. These 200 free spins might be given as 100 free spins after the first deposit, and 50 free spins on the players’ second and third deposits.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a casino bonus type that rewards the players with a bonus after they make a deposit at a featured online casino. In fact, the welcome bonus, which we analyzed previously, is usually a deposit bonus type.

This bonus type is giving generous prizes to the players that make a certain minimum deposit at the online casino. Just like the welcome bonus, the deposit bonus often comes with bonus money, which can be used on certain games, mostly online slot games.

Sometimes the deposit bonus will include free spins as part of the offer, but the prize is most often bonus money. The bonus money is usually given as a percentage of the players’ deposit casino amount, which is known as a deposit match bonus.

The process of claiming the deposit bonuses is very simple, as the only thing that the player has to do is to make a deposit that is the same or above the minimum deposit limit. After that, the casino will automatically calculate the bonus amount and give it to the player.

For example, if the deposit bonus is offering the players a 100% match bonus of up to $500 and the player makes a deposit of $50, they will receive $100 as a reward.

It is worth noting that all deposit bonuses come with certain terms and conditions that everyone who wishes to apply for them must read before they apply for the casino offer.

Possibly the most important thing in the terms and conditions are the wagering requirements, as every player must meet them in order to be allowed by the online casino to withdraw the bonus amount and the winnings.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is one of the best casino bonuses that can be found at online casinos as it rewards the players with a bonus without requiring them to make a deposit. Every type of player that likes to wager at online casinos is fond of the no deposit bonuses.

These no deposit bonuses are usually rewarding the players with free spins, which are often referred to as free spins no deposit offers. They are often provided to new players after they register an account, as a way to get them started at the online casino.

A no deposit casino bonus is also very often given to players that are part of a VIP program at a certain online casino. Every member of these loyalty programs will receive a no deposit bonus in the form of bonus money or free spins after they’ve reached a higher level.

Bonus funds are rarely given by no deposit bonuses, but some highly generous online casinos might provide them to their players. But, that bonus type will usually come with tough wagering requirements, so every player must be aware of these details before they claim a no deposit bonus.

In the terms and conditions of the featured no deposit bonus, the players will also find whether the casino bonus features a cap on the winnings. We note this fact as it is very common for the no deposit casino bonuses to come with capped winnings.

The amount of free spins that are rewarded by this casino bonus type is usually very generous, whereas some online gambling sites may go up to 200 free spins.

Free Spins

The free spins bonus offers are one of the most common and at the same time the best online casino bonuses that feature in almost any online casino. As the name clearly indicates, it rewards the players with free spins that can be used on online slots.

Online slot games are the most popular games on the market and they are being played by many players. It is only natural that the most played games will go hand to hand with the bonus type that offers prizes that can be used on those particular games, such as free spins.

The free spins can be claimed in several ways at different casinos, where the most common is by making a certain deposit. They are often part of the sign up bonus offers, as well as in certain deposit bonus offers.

In the welcome bonus offer sometimes players can claim 100 free spins in total as an example, which can be divided as 50 free spins on the first deposit, and the other free spins on the following deposits.

Free Spins as an reward for loyal players

Sometimes the free spins are given to the players without requiring them to deposit a certain amount of money. This is usually the case with casinos that reward the players with no deposit free spins after they register an account on their casino platform.

The most loyal players that are part of a certain VIP program can receive free spins as a gift from the casino for reaching a new level.

Casinos limit the free spins to certain slot games, which most often are newly acquired online slots. This is a way to promote the new slots to its players. Reputable casinos tend to offer free spins that can be used on popular slot games such as the Book of Dead slot.

Just like any other casino bonus, the free spins come with terms and conditions that usually features a small list of conditions. The wagering requirements are again the most important part of the terms and conditions, as they must be met before the funds can be withdrawn.

It is worth noting that certain New Zealand casinos offer free spins without wagering requirements. But, these free spins most often come with a lower minimum bet limit and a low maximum bonus amount.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a bonus type that is offered to players who have made deposits at the casino in the past. In other words, these casino bonuses are targeting existing players at the casino platform with the intention to reward them for continuously playing at the casino.

The reload bonuses at the casinos are either daily or weekly reload bonuses. A daily reload bonus can be claimed every day of the week after the player has made a certain minimum deposit into their account.

As for the weekly reload bonus, it can be claimed by the players once per week on a specified day after, once again, they’ve deposited funds that are above the required minimum deposit limit.

These casino bonuses aren’t huge when compared to the other bonuses, but they are a nice gesture by the casinos, as they are meant to reward players who are depositing more often.

Reload casino bonuses usually tend to come with very low wagering requirements, which is why many players tend to go for them. They can be found at some of the best online casinos on the market.

It is very similar to the deposit bonus, but the main difference is that the reload bonus can be claimed multiple times while the deposit bonus offers can be claimed once. For example, a reload bonus will be if a casino is offering the players a chance to win a 40% bonus of up to $50 after they made a deposit on a Monday.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are special casino bonuses that provide the players with cash prizes, which are calculated as a percentage of their losses made at the casino. This bonus makes sure that the players won’t lose all of their deposit money on the games.

There will be times during a gaming session when luck won’t be on the player’s side, which is where the cashback bonus comes in handy.

It is often given on a weekly basis, or more specifically, on the total losses made by a player on a certain week. For example, if a casino offers its players a 15% cashback and a player suffers a $300 loss, then they will get back $45 from the casino offer.

Cashback bonuses are often part of the rewards provided by a casino VIP program, where the players that are higher up the ladder will claim much bigger cashback prizes.

Cashback Casinos that accepts players from New Zealand:

  • Amok Casino – 10% Cashback
  • Mountgold – 10% Weekly Cashback
  • Refuel Casino – 10% Cashback every week

High roller bonus

High rollers are players that make big deposits at the casinos and tend to play with large bets. They can afford big losses and are mostly chasing the biggest prizes that online casinos offer.

The best online casinos are always chasing the high roller players, which is why they make sure to offer high roller bonuses. The high roller bonuses are specially designed for the players that are making high deposits into their accounts.

Claiming a casino bonus such as this is similar to claiming a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus, as it rewards the players with a match bonus on their deposit. But, it comes with a much bigger reward than the welcome bonus or the usual deposit bonus as it also requires a bigger deposit amount.

For instance, a high roller bonus might offer a 100% match bonus of up to $3,000. Most often casinos offer the high rollers a chance to claim such a bonus on their first deposit.

Live casino bonus

As the name clearly indicates, a live casino bonus is a bonus type that is rewarding players who enjoy live dealer games. Live casino games are very popular nowadays and the number of players who are joining in on this trend is rising by the day.

This is the main reason why many casinos tend to offer live casino bonuses to their players. It is also used by casinos to promote their live casino games to other players by providing them with generous prizes.

The live casino bonuses can be offered as a welcome bonus whereas the bonus cash can only be used on the featured live casino games. It can also be offered as a cashback bonus, or even as a part of a tournament.

Loyalty bonus

Loyalty bonuses are one of the best online casino bonuses, as they are designed to reward the most loyal players at the casino. It is the best and most efficient way for casinos to keep their loyal customers wagering on their games.

These bonus offers are part of a VIP program, which follows a points-based system, where the players gather points by depositing and wagering on the games to reach a certain milestone.

After reaching a certain level at the featured casino VIP program, the player will receive a loyalty bonus, gifts, and exclusive services.

The loyalty bonus offer can come in certain forms such as bonus cash for reaching a certain VIP level, a cashback bonus, or calendar rewards. The calendar rewards are bonus cash prizes, which are offered on a daily or monthly basis, and promotions like free spins or exclusive tournaments.

Referral Bonus

The referral bonus is a casino bonus type that will reward the players with a prize for referring the casino to other players. It is a great way for the casino to reach out to many new players, just by using its existing players to bring in new customers.

This casino bonus will either reward the players with fixed bonus cash or with a percentage on their friend’s first deposit. The percentage might not be as big as the first deposit bonus, but both players will manage to claim a reward if the new player decides to apply for a welcome bonus.

Some casinos might even reward their players with free spins for referring the casino platform to other players. It is an effortless bonus type that will stimulate the players’ gambling.

Mobile Bonus

A mobile bonus is a special casino bonus that is meant for players that make a deposit at a featured casino using a mobile device. It is usually in the form of a match bonus and as free spins, which are the two most common forms of rewards given by players.

Casinos are using mobile casino bonuses to target players that like to wager from their mobile devices and to encourage their players to wager on the featured games on the go.

Mobile gaming is on the rise and more and more players are starting to use their smartphones for casino gambling. Every new casino game that is released on the market is optimized for the use of any mobile device, regardless if the device is powered on Android or iOS.

Casinos know about this new trend, which is why they tend to put mobile casino bonuses into their list of available promotions.

Cryptocurrency Bonus

Cryptocurrency is another big trend that has changed many global industries in recent years, including the iGaming industry. This new way of payment is widely used by players for online gambling, as it provides faster and safer transactions, as well as a much-needed anonymity status while gambling.

There are many casinos that accept payments in cryptocurrencies and the majority of them are also offering cryptocurrency casino bonuses to their players. The cryptocurrency casino bonuses are basically the same as the other casino bonuses, with the main difference being the fact that it involves prizes in cryptocurrency.

This casino bonus can be in the form of a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus, or free spins. It usually requires making a deposit, but certain casinos may provide no deposit cryptocurrencies, as a way to attract as many players as possible.

It is worth noting that cryptocurrency casino bonuses are most often available to bitcoin users, but there are certain casinos that are offering these casino bonuses in other cryptocurrencies.

we provide all the information about casino bonuses you need

Casino bonus terms and conditions

Every casino bonus that is offered by any casino comes with certain terms and conditions that the players must agree to before they apply for it. Reading the terms and conditions is a must-do step as in them the players will find some very important information about the featured casino bonus.

Below we will explain the most common and most important information that can be found in the terms and conditions of the casinos’ bonuses.

Wagering requirements

The wagering requirement of a casino bonus is possibly the most important part of the terms and conditions. With the wagering requirements, the casinos show the players how much they need to deposit in order to fulfill the wagering requirement of the terms and conditions.

Every player must meet the wagering requirements in order to be allowed by the casino to withdraw the bonus money and any winnings made with it. The wagering requirements vary from one casino to the other, where at some casinos it may go as high as 50x or more while others may require less than 30x.

It is calculated by multiplying the player’s deposit amount and the bonus’s wagering requirement. For instance, if a casino bonus comes with 40x wagering requirements and a player makes a deposit of $100, then they would have to wager at least $4,000 in order to fulfill the wagering requirement.

Not every casino game contributes to the wagering requirements with the same percentage, meaning that certain games might require more money in order to fulfill the wagering requirements.

For example, online slot games might contribute to the wagering requirement with 100% while table games might count for 50%. Live casino games usually don’t contribute to the wagering requirements or they contribute only 10%.

Minimum deposit amount

If the casino bonus is a deposit bonus then it will definitely come with a minimum deposit amount. Every player that wants to apply for the featured casino bonus will have to deposit a sum that is above the minimum deposit limit.

The minimum deposit limit depends on the casino’s bonus policy, which may go as low as $10. Some casinos that are attracting high rollers are setting the minimum deposit limit much higher, but so are the prizes provided by their casino bonuses.

Maximum bonus amount

In case the casino bonus rewards the players with bonus funds, then the casino has definitely set a maximum amount that a player can receive from the bonus. This is mostly found in deposit bonus offers, but some other casino bonuses such as the reload bonuses may also feature maximum bonus cash.

For instance, a casino bonus from a featured casino from New Zealand might reward the players with a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $400. The upper limit of this match bonus is the maximum bonus cash and no matter how much money a player deposits, they won’t receive a bigger sum.

Maximum win amount

Apart from the maximum bonus cash, the casino bonuses that reward cash prizes or free spins most often come with a limit on how much money the players can win. This is a set by almost every casino in the industry, so they can limit the winnings that their players can win with the online casino bonuses, so they won’t risk going bankrupt.

The no deposit bonus offers, despite being one of the best casino bonuses, will definitely come with capped winnings, as they would cause a lot of damage to the casino platforms.

Game restrictions

Usually, the casino bonus offers come with a list of games that are eligible for wagering with the free spins or the bonus money from the deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, or welcome bonus.

Most casino bonuses offer bonus funds and free spins for online video slots such as the Book of Dead slot, as they are the most popular games in every casino. It goes without saying that the live casino bonuses are restricted for live casino games.

It is worth noting that not all games contribute the same percentage toward the wagering requirements from a certain casino bonus. The online slots usually contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement while the table games and video poker games are often off-limits.

Validation period

The casino bonus offers must feature a validation period in which time the players must fulfill the wagering requirements on the featured games. Most bonuses come with a validation period of 30 days while the free spins usually last between 24 hours and 7 days.

If a player doesn’t fulfill the wagering requirements in the given period, then they won’t be able to cash out the bonus funds and any winning made with it, meaning everything would be lost.

Payment Method Restrictions

Certain casino bonuses available at a certain gambling platform might come with a payment method restriction policy. This means that the player might not be able to apply for a casino bonus or free spins with a specific payment method.

Usually, the e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are restricted and not eligible for use when applying for a casino bonus, paysafe casinos usually doesn’t impose a restriction when you are depositing with PaySafeCard. Sometimes even the best casino bonus offers have a payment method restriction, so keep in mind to check this feature when applying for a casino bonus in New Zealand.

Betting Limit

The betting limit is a very common condition in the bonuses that features even in the best casino bonuses. All casino sites are limiting how much money the players can place on a single bet using the money from the casino bonus or the free spins.

For example, the cash from the casino bonus can be used on an online slot game like the Book of Dead slot with a maximum bet of $0.10.

This can be a tough condition to follow if the wagering requirements are pretty high, as the players would need to spend a lot of money to fulfill them.

Bonus Codes

Many reputable casino sites require their players to use casino bonus codes when applying for their available bonuses or free spins. Every featured bonus at such casino platforms comes with a unique casino bonus code.

The players must type in the required casino bonus code when applying for a specific casino bonus so they are eligible to claim the featured reward given by the bonus.

Although some casinos use them for exclusive offers, they are often used in free spins, deposit bonuses, or welcome bonus offers. Even some of the best casino bonuses require a bonus code to be typed in when applying.

Casino bonus codes are a string of letters or numbers (or a combination of both) provided by the casino sites to every interested player. All bonus codes are unique and can only be used on one specific bonus.

How to claim a casino bonus

Claiming a casino bonus at a casino from New Zealand is not a long and tough process, meaning that it can be done very easily even by newly registered players.

The process of applying for a casino bonus is usually the same at every casino site, so our instructions can be followed at almost any casino platform. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to claim a bonus.

how you claim a bonus on an online casino

Pick a casino bonus

Firstly you will have to pick the desired bonus offer, regardless if it’s a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus, or free spins offer, from one of the bonuses that are listed on our website. You can take your time analyzing and comparing the casino offers so you find the perfect bonus that suits your needs.

After choosing the best casino bonus from our casino offers, the next step is to click on the link that is provided in the featured tab of the selected bonus. It is worth noting that all casino sites that are listed on our website are fully licensed and regulated by well-respected regulators.

Register an account

When you’ve accessed the New Zealand casino that offers the desired bonus, you will need to create an account, which is done by clicking on the “Register” button.

In the pop-up window, you will be required to fill in certain personal information such as your full name, physical address, email, phone number, and country, as well as a strong password and a unique username.

You will also need to verify your account by providing the casino with a picture or a copy of your ID card, passport, driver’s license, or utility bill. This is necessary to prove your true identity and your physical address.

Use a bonus code

If the welcome bonus or deposit bonus requires a bonus code then you will need to use it when registering the account. The bonus code is required when registering directly at the casino platform whilst registering an account through our bonus link will automatically type in the required bonus code.

Make a deposit

The next step is to make a certain deposit in order to claim the deposit bonus, which might be a first deposit bonus. It is worth reading the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus before applying for the first deposit bonus, so you know the minimum required deposit limit.

A deposit may also be needed when applying for a free spins offer, or any other bonus type at the featured casino. It is worth noting that the welcome bonus offer might reward the players with several deposit bonus prizes on their first few deposits at the casino.

That will meant that you will need to make several deposits in order to claim the full amount of the welcome bonus.

In order to deposit money, you will have to access the “Cashier” section in your account and select the “Deposit” tab. There you will have to choose from one of the available payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, or other payment methods.

After that, you will need to input the desired amount that you want to deposit into your account. During this step, the casino might ask you to type in a bonus code for one of the casino offers.

The last thing to do in this step is to confirm the deposit and wait for the casino to process your transaction, which will be done in a few minutes.

Claim the bonus and enjoy your favourite games

Once the deposit is processed and the bonus money or free spins from the welcome bonus or the deposit bonus are transferred, all that is left now is to enjoy your favourite games.

Make sure to check which games are eligible to play with the bonus money and the free spins before wagering so you won’t risk forfeiting the deposit bonus. It is also important to read and understand the other terms and conditions before you start playing the featured games.

Bonuses are often used for online slot games like the Book of Dead slot, or table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and a few more.

Fulfil the wagering requirements

Regardless if the deposit bonus is rewarding the players with bonus money or free spins, the chances of the bonus featuring certain wagering requirements are pretty high.

The wagering requirements are possibly the most important feature of the terms and conditions. All casinos require their players to fulfil the wagering requirements from the bonuses before allowing them to withdraw the money and the winnings from the featured bonus.

Withdraw the winnings

After the wagering requirements are met you will be allowed to make a withdrawal, which is also done by accessing the “Cashier” section of your account. But, this time you will need to go to the “Withdraw” tab and enter the required information and wait for the transaction to be processed.

What payment method to use for a casino bonus

Online casinos are providing their players with a variety of payment methods to choose from when depositing funds for a cash bonus or a free spins offer. Most casino sites will let their players apply for a bonus with a credit or debit card deposit, but you need to know that you might not be able to withdraw with the same payment method.

E-wallets are a popular payment method that offers the easiest and fastest casino payments. Although, certain e-wallets are excluded from the bonus offers you can still find a decent bonus that can be claimed with this payment method, the benefit with using E-wallets is that all the fastest payout casinos in New Zealand offers it.

Claiming a bonus with a bank transfer deposit is one of the safest ways offered by casinos. You can choose bank transfers, wire transfers, or online banking to deposit funds and claim a cash bonus or free spins offer.

Nowadays, many casino platforms will allow their players to apply for a bonus with the use of cryptocurrencies. This is a very popular option for high rollers and it is one of the safest and quickest ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Is claiming a bonus worth it?

This is not a simple question to answer as not all bonus offers or free spins are providing generous rewards. Claiming a bonus is worth it if it offers generous cash prizes and free spins, and it doesn’t come with a big list of terms and conditions.

Every bonus type is unique in its own way and you should always look for a bonus that best suits your preferences. If you don’t like to deposit a large amount of money for a bonus, then you should search for a decent deposit or no deposit bonus, and avoid the high roller offers.

How to calculate the bonus amount

Calculating the bonus money from a deposit bonus does not require any special skills, as the whole process is pretty simple to understand.

If the deposit bonus is offering a 100% match bonus of up to $100, that means that your deposit money will be matched with the percentage, up to the maximum bonus limit. For instance, if you deposit $10, then you will receive another $10 as bonus money.

How to calculate wagering Requirements

The majority of bonus offers come with certain wagering requirements. Even the free spins that are part of the bonus come with the same or sometimes different wagering requirements. If you don’t know how to calculate the wagering requirements from the bonus, then you shouldn’t worry as the calculation is pretty simple.

For instance, if a bonus features x35 wagering requirements and you deposit an amount of $30 in order to claim the bonus, then you will have to wager an additional $1,050 before you are allowed to make a withdrawal. To come to the total of $1,050, you will need to multiply the wagering requirements with the deposit money, which in our case is 35 x 30.

Finding a safe casino bonus

Every casino bonus on this website is safe to claim, as we make sure to provide offers from reputable casinos that are fully licensed and regulated by respected regulators. All of the mentioned casinos utilize the latest security technologies and you shouldn’t worry about depositing funds in order to claim one of the bonuses or free spins offers.

But, before you choose a bonus you may also want to read the terms and conditions of the featured bonus type, as well as the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the casino. This is important to do as every casino and bonus type comes with unique terms and conditions.

Gamble responsibly

No matter how entertaining and rewarding the games at a casino site are you must keep in mind to casino gambling can cause addiction. The bonuses can also create an illusion that you can claim a massive amount of cash in just a few simple steps, but in reality that is not the case.

As we mentioned a couple of times, almost every bonus and free spins come with certain wagering requirements that must be met in order to claim the winnings and bonus money.

The wagering requirements from a bonus or from the free spins might be pretty high meaning that the players will need to spend a lot of money to fulfill them. This can create a lot of problems if you don’t have the required money to complete the wagering requirements.

Every player that is feeling like they are getting addicted to online gambling, must reach out to respected gambling prevention organizations.

gamble responsibly
It depends, but usually no. If you are playing with a normal bonus with wagering requirements you will have to wager your funds a certain amount of time prior to being able to withdraw it. However, if you are playing with a no deposit bonus you will be able to withdraw your money.
If you want to hit big you should play slots with high volatility. One game provider that likes to create high volatility slots is Pragmatic Play, you don't get into the bonus round often, but when you do you usually hit big.
Yes, all the casinos we have listed accepts deposits in NZD.
You will need to be at least 18 years old in order to play with casino bonuses on online casinos for players from New Zealand.