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Fastest Withdrawal Casinos in NZ

Withdrawals in online casinos are much different when compared to those of land-based casinos. In a land casino, you go to the checkout counter to pick up your lucky wins for the day. At online casinos, the process is a little more complicated. Finding the fastest payout online casino is of importance to players, so they can get their won money sooner. Different online casinos have different processing times and payment methods for withdrawals. Therefore, it's in the best interest of players to find a casino that suits them.

  • Play on Wildz Casino if you want a casino with faster payouts then usual.
  • Use E-wallets for fast withdrawals.
  • There are several casinos for Kiwi players that offer faster payouts.

What are fast withdrawal casinos?

Fast withdrawal casinos or fastest payout casinos are online casinos that grant you your winnings much faster than other online gambling platforms. Some of the fastest payout casinos will even be labelled as instant withdrawal casinos.

Of course, this is very beneficial to gamblers, as everybody wants to get their money sooner. Waiting to get your money from casino sites can be stressful, no matter how much you trust the casino you play at. The best online casinos in New Zealand offer many advantages, such as fast casino withdrawals, allowing you to get your money fast, and lots of payment options.

We live in a dynamic world, and everything is happening fast. In such a fast-paced environment instant withdrawals can make a huge difference to players anywhere in the world. That’s why NZ casinos offer fast withdrawal options, which allow you to get your winnings fast, as long as you are a real customer with a verified account.

Usually, casinos such as these have much shorter, if not instantaneous approvals on most withdrawal requests, depending on several factors, but mostly on withdrawal methods. A wire transfer to the bank is usually one of the slowest ways to withdraw your money.

That’s why most people tend to avoid wire transfer, as the bank can also impose some fees, and make you verify that the cash you’ve received has a legitimate background. This process can take up to 48 hours, depending on the bank.

To make the most of this, try not to use a bank transfer, and opt-in for an e-wallet instead. A paying online casino will prefer to conduct business through a virtual wallet, which is also more beneficial for the gambler as well.

fast withdrawal casinos for kiwi players

How do withdrawals work?

The process of withdrawing money is usually mechanically very simple. Different online casinos in nz have different payment methods. These can range from e wallets and processing times can be different, and even instant withdrawal sometimes. To get your money you will need to go through a simple process.

Your account options should have an option that takes you to the “Withdrawal”. On this page, you can request a withdrawal and choose your wanted method. The fastest payout online casinos will usually have more than one withdrawal method available.

Withdrawal times can vary depending on what casino and payment method you choose. Also before you can withdraw, you might need to fulfil some requirements by the casinos in New Zealand. This can be as simple as playing some casino games and using an E wallet.

Bank withdrawals are usually the slowest, as far as payment methods go. E wallets have good withdrawal times, and you should receive your money soon when using them.

What payment methods are there?

Depending on your preferred payment method, dozens of available methods are available. Online casinos in NZ will differ in their payment methods from casino to casino. Fast withdrawal casinos are also available, however, you will have to do some research to find them.

Also, be aware that not all payment methods may be available at your location. So, the best thing to do before you start spending money on the casino is to thoroughly check every detail about the casino. All details regarding the payment methods will be available under the Terms and Conditions and “Deposit and Withdrawal” section of the casino website.

If you are interested in fast payout casinos, be sure to do some research first. Now let’s see what are some of the most common options for players out there:

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are one of the most commonly used types of deposit methods. Also, many casinos oblige you to use your deposit methods as your method of withdrawal too. In the most common cases, using a Credit Card for your deposit will also limit you to using that Credit Card for withdrawals as well. MasterCard is not always supported, so it might be a good idea to look into Visa for deposits and withdrawals.

To be absolutely sure, check whether your favourite New Zealand casino supports this exact method of payment.


Most e wallets are a great method for instant withdrawal. New Zealand casinos support e wallets. Usually, all online casinos with fast withdrawal will support e wallets as a payment method. Some of the more popular e wallets include Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, MuchBetter and EcoPayz. A fast withdrawal casino should support these in New Zealand.

They are also a very safe method of withdrawal and can give you a sense of security and anonymity. As they don’t directly share your personal information with the casinos, unlike other methods of payment. For withdrawals, they are one of the fastest payment options in NZ Casinos. The only waiting time may come from withdrawal processing times which is a casino procedure. We want to inform that if you are playing with casino bonuses it’s possible that you cannot choose E-wallets as a payment method.

Bank transfer

Another option for those unable to get a more modern way of paying is the bank wire. Bank transfers are one of the slowest methods of money transfer from the casino, to your personal account. They usually take several business days and are not a good withdrawal option if you want to receive your money fast. Direct bank transfers also include giving your information to the casino, but that is the case with all banking methods. So if possible, you might want to stay away from a bank transfer for your gambling needs.


PaySafeCard is a quite common payment method to use at casinos in New Zealand. What’s good about casinos with paysafecard are that the deposits and payouts are very fast. It is also very easy to use the payment method, however unfortunately there might be fees applied when you use it.


For the fastest payout online casino options, crypto might be a good way to go. At the same time, cryptocurrencies offer a lot of privacy and security for the end user. Since you can also buy cryptocurrencies anonymously, they are a good way of protecting your privacy and security.

ways of depositing to get fast payouts

Transaction times

Apart from choosing the right withdrawal method, there is also the matter of the overall transaction times required for the money to reach your personal account. When you as a player request a withdrawal for a casino, several factors come into play before the sum is yours.

Each casino, even the fastest payout online casino in New Zealand has to go through all requests made by players. A part of this process is automatic, but sometimes there are things that require manual attention. This can make the process a little longer than it usually is.

Moreover, the amount of time needed for this operation differs from platform to platform. Some of the online casinos in NZ have an algorithm that automatically approves player requests. However, some might holds your funds in review for up to 3 days before your transaction is approved.

Same day payouts casinos does exist

Same day withdrawal online casinos exist, but their instant withdrawal approvals likely go to long-time players who have a history with the casino in question. If you ask for a withdrawal, and the request takes too long to process, the next best thing would be to contact customer support.

In cases where fast payout casinos take a long time to deliver your payment, it’s always a good idea to ask for help. To be safe, it would be best to research the best NZ online casino for instant withdrawal, which is your best bet if you want a faster withdrawal.

Why some methods are unavailable to use

Transferring money from one entity to the next is no simple ordeal. After all, everything that has to do something about money usually takes longer. You might be wondering why the casino locks you to the same payment method you used to deposit the money with.

It’s simple. By forcing you to deposit and withdraw using the same payment processor, the online casino makes sure that the same person deposited, and received the money. At first, this may sound like an additional step the casino has to take. However, this is simply to prevent more complaints further down the road and to offer a better customer experience to players.

Even the fastest payout online casino will do this, regardless of the time, it takes to process the request. Some casinos may offer rewards like free spins to motivate you to deposit money using a certain payment processor. Overall, everything a casino does, even the fast payout casino is to make sure the real person receives the money.

Casino sites will usually have everything explained in their Terms of Service. Payment options welcome bonus, free spins everything a player could potentially need can be found under the ToS. From how long a withdrawal request can take to how to get your winnings safely, the best source of information is the ToS.

Withdrawal fees

Each payment request a player makes to the casino takes a certain amount of time and has a certain fee to it. If you want to avoid being bogged down by fees, it would be best to avoid withdrawing money through a bank. Apart from having withdrawal fees, the most waiting time is associated with this type of withdrawal method.

Casino withdrawals can be a long process if you do not take the right steps, and choose the wrong casino. Luckily, lots of instant withdrawals also carry no fees with them. As we said before, the casino will likely tie you down to using the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Save headache and time

To make use of fast withdrawals without huge fees, make sure to carefully check the casino website for detailed information. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future and will save you the hassle of having to contact the support team if anything goes wrong. Some payment methods can take more than 48 hours, plus have fees attached to them, which isn’t something you’d want on your hands. So check both deposit and withdrawal methods carefully, and make your decision wisely.

Some paying online casino will even charge up to 5% of your withdrawal money as a fee. A fast payout online doesn’t always equal a cheat payout. Also, many online casinos in NZ will offer a casino bonus for using a certain payment option such as a cryptocurrency, or up to 80 free spins or more. So check all online casino NZ sites you can, to get a better understanding of the market.

Withdrawal limits

Another very important thing to talk about is withdrawal limits. All casinos in New Zealand, or anywhere in the world have them. Even one day withdrawal online casinos impose some sort of limit, which is supposed to safeguard the bankroll of the casino.

It doesn’t matter whether the casino promises instant withdrawal or not, a fast withdrawal doesn’t mean any withdrawal limits. That’s why you need to take a look at the rules of the casino before you go deep and try to withdraw a large sum of money.

This is likely to affect high rollers only, as they are most likely to try and withdraw a lot of money. If you are a low roller, this shouldn’t affect you too much. However, just to be on the safe side, make sure to check the casino website thoroughly.

A small withdrawal will go faster

A fast withdrawal casino is likely to have a bigger limit on withdrawals, as they give you your money almost instantly. One basic rule of thumb is that the withdrawal limit shouldn’t be bigger than $10,000. But as we said, it never hurts to check.

There is only one situation where such a limit may be lifted. This comes into play when you’re playing a progressive jackpot game. If you are lucky enough to win an extremely big prize, especially millions of dollars, you will be allowed to collect your winnings in one go.

Also, the withdrawal limit may differ between different payment methods. NZ online casinos offered lots of payment processors for your comfort, so make sure to do your own research before deciding to double down on a preferred method of payment.

KYC (Know Your Customer) verification

All regulated and licensed NZ online casino will have a KYC procedure in place. This is to protect the integrity of the casino and make sure that all players on the platform are legit and real. Even more so it’s an instant withdrawal casino.

The primary use of this procedure is to make sure no underage players are playing there. Also, it can be used to track and detect any potential money laundering schemes. Therefore, the casino requires that all players registered on the casino are real people.

However, this is also for the protection of the players as well. The procedure ensures that the real person is the one that will receive the money they’ve won on the platform. It prevents identity fraud and the potential situation where someone else takes the money instead of the real player.

All casinos will require documents at some point

Casinos in New Zealand take privacy and security very seriously, so it only makes sense that this procedure is heavily enforced. Even the fastest withdrawal online casino will have such a process in place. Unless you complete the verification, you won’t be able to withdraw your money.

How do you go through with this procedure?

Government-Issued Document – Passport or ID

The safest way to have your account verified and approved for withdrawal and using bonuses such as a welcome bonus or free spins is to upload a document issued by your government. This is done by taking a photo of both the front and back sides of the document and uploading it to the casino server.

Your name, date of birth and address must be correct and clearly visible, otherwise, you won’t get approved. This works both for an ID and a passport. And also, make sure that your document is still valid, and it hasn’t expired.

Bank statement or utility Bill

This document is proof that you live at the registered address. It’s also one of the safest methods you can use to verify that you are a real person. However, make sure. that the document is less than three months old. It has to be a recently issued document.

Of course, this is only done for the safety of everyone at the casino. If you are using a bank-issued document you have the right to blank out any private data that might compromise your privacy or safety. All that matters is that the address and identity are clearly visible on the document.

Payment method proof

As far as verification methods go, this is one that’s rarely requested. Some casinos offer proof that you are indeed the owner of the payment method you are trying to use at the casino. This can be a bank statement that has your address visible, or you might be requested to send a picture of the method you are using.

Even though this is rarely requested some of the instant withdrawal casinos in New Zealand might request it. Online casinos NZ have very strict privacy laws, so this is a procedure that shouldn’t pop up as much as the others usually found at the fastest payout casinos.

get KYCd for faster payouts

It’s easy to see why these casinos are very popular among the gambling crowd. Some of the fastest payout online casino has a much bigger player base just because of this. Many casino sites offer this as a competitive advantage, especially to younger crowds.

When we look at the world we live in, it is easy to understand why people like fast withdrawals. Everything around us moves with great speed, and life flows very quickly. In a consumer society, having the ability to receive cash instantly is a great advantage.

Therefore fast withdrawals have become a staple of modern casinos. Today, casinos with fast withdrawals are becoming more and more popular each day. Before fast payments were introduced, people used to wait 3-5 business days to get their wins to their accounts.

This is in the beginnings of the online iGaming industry. Also, many of the banks also went through a slow process of verifying the funds, which made people wait for even more than they had to.

Nowadays, no casino wants to lag behind the competition. That’s why most casinos are trying to introduce more and more payment options that will make the lives of their customers easier and more convenient.

After all, the money you won at the casino is yours. Why should you wait to receive it? Being able to get your winnings shortly after the withdrawal request is no longer an extra feature, it’s something that should come by default. A lot of payout casinos in New Zealand are doubling down on this philosophy, and with good reason.

Slowly but surely, this is what every fast payout online casino strives to do and attract more customers.

How to find the fastest payout online casino

Finding a good casino to play at takes time and research. With so many choices online today, you might find it hard to decide between several fast payout casinos. Many online gambling platforms today offer lots of benefits such as free spins, a welcome bonus and a plethora of options for withdrawals.

Even if you manage to find the fastest payout casino, there are other features to look into as well. The library of casino games, for example, banking methods and many other variables need to be looked at the casinos NZ offers.

Online casino sites are plentiful, and most of them seemingly offer the same, or similar features. However, if you take a closer look at the online casino NZ sites, you will definitely find something to like more about one casino when compared to the other.

how you find the casino with fastest payouts

Is online gambling legal where you are?

The first thing you need to do is be absolutely sure that gambling is legal where you live. Many countries have different laws when it comes to land-based and online-based gambling. One may be allowed, and the other forbidden.

To avoid problems with the law it’s best to make absolutely sure that gambling is legal. Most online casinos will prohibit players from registering if they come from an unsupported country. However, if it so happens that the casino allows you to register, you will soon face problems especially if you try to withdraw money.

Your local resources such as state websites and Google are the best resources you can possibly have to make sure that gambling and online casinos are in fact, legal and regulated.

Look for reputable casinos

In the days of the internet, it’s relatively easy to check the reputation of just about anything. This is also true for online casinos. What you can do, is Google the names of the online casinos you are interested in.

No doubt you will get a lot of information in the search results that will point you in the right direction. You can easily check for user reviews who’ve played at the casino and are willing to share their experience online.

Some of the most common problems people face when playing at certain casinos:

  1. The casino doesn’t pay out the promised casino bonus
  2. Suspicious withdrawal limits that prevent you from withdrawing your money
  3. They will stall you from withdrawing your money in any way possible
  4. Not willing to pay 100% of the money you’ve won

That’s why taking the time to properly research the casino you are thinking of playing at is a very good idea, and only choose casinos from sites like this one. It will save you a lot of headaches, and a lot of trouble down the line. Even fast payout casinos can try to stall, so pay attention to where you play at.

What games does the casino offer?

For ordinary players, the game library of the casino is of utmost importance. A casino that offers games by world-renown providers is very likely to be 100% legitimate. Reputable game providers will not risk being associated with a casino that is scamming players. This can lead to their reputation being ruined as well.

New Zealand offers some great online casinos, with great game libraries. A top paying online casino will only get you so far without a good choice of games. Even though most people play casino games to earn money, fun games will take you much farther than boring ones.

So make sure that the casino you’ve chosen can also satisfy the gamer in you, not just the person looking to earn money. Also, NZ online casinos should offer the free version of the game you want to play as well. Furthermore, this will ensure that you like the game before you go and spend money on it.

Does the casino offer free spins or other bonuses?

To compete for your attention, most online casinos today will offer a plethora of different bonuses that should make your life easier. This is especially important for beginners and players on a budget who will get the chance to try and play casino games with a boost.

Free spins are just one of the bonuses you may get when registering at some of the fastest payout online casinos. If you are curious to know how exactly the bonus works, you will need to read the Terms of Service at your chosen casino.

These awards are usually given only when you register and verify an account on the website, and deposit a certain amount of money. This is also known as a deposit bonus. Another well-known casino bonus is the welcome bonus, who is given when you first register an account at the casino.

For example, if you deposit $100 you will get a 50% match-up, and up to 150 free spins. Moreover, this is a great way to get started with gambling as these bonuses allow you to directly save some money, and spend less.

Fast payout casinos might also offer you a bonus when you deposit or withdraw through a certain payment processor that is partnered with the online casino. Online casinos in New Zealand and other top paying online casino might offer up to 150 free spins included in the different bonuses.

Is the support professional?

When registering for an account at online casinos, it’s very important for the casino to have a great customer support team. Since you won’t be dealing with people in person, having more contact options is always better.

Some casinos only offer support through tickets, which isn’t always optimal. Asking for help via a ticket can be effective, but it depends on how trained the Customer Support team is. If the casino offers more than one form of support great.

This can be through email, phone, or any other messaging application or live chat. It’s easy to Google and find reviews of the support team. If something happens and your bank transfer goes haywire tomorrow, you will sleep better knowing professionals are on your case.

Usually, a fast payout casino will have good customer support. Online casinos NZ usually have good support, but it’s always better to check beforehand than to hope everything will be all right when something goes wrong.

Withdrawal options for faster payouts

This is one of the most important factors of the theme. If the options for withdrawal are not good, then nothing else is important. When the casino doesn’t support your available payment processor, you won’t be able to get your winnings.

So to make sure you are able to withdraw everything you’ve won, make sure that the payment processor you can use is supported by the online casino. Also, check the possible withdrawal times on the withdrawal methods. Don’t opt in for a bank transfer that can take up to 48 hours, if you can go for a withdrawal method that is instant.

Even though it also depends on how fast the casino works through the withdrawal request, some methods are simply better than others. The fastest payout online casinos should have a good deal of instant withdrawal options.

Is the user experience good enough?

This is also a very important thing when looking for the fastest payout online casinos to play at. User Experience has been gaining popularity day by day, and it’s easy to see why. When you play at an online casino that is hard to navigate, it’s easy to lose your nerve and quit playing altogether.

Furthermore, that’s why so many companies hire experts that make sure the user experience is optimized and the players are satisfied with the overall ease of use of the website. When trying to withdraw your money, you should be able to do so quickly and easily.

Nobody wants to spend hours trying to find where the “withdraw” button is. Good UX should be the rule, especially when talking about the fastest payout online casinos. Speed and ease of use should be a philosophy all online casinos follow nowadays.

Do they support mobile phones?

Mobile phones are part of our everyday life. Many people spend whole days on their phones, conducting work, following through with meetings and sending emails. Gaming is also now heavily oriented towards mobile users simply because it’s convenient.

All online casinos focused on the future should at the very minimum have games that support mobile browsers. Fast withdrawal times sound great, but if nobody is playing your games everything is in vain.

A good casino will also offer a deposit bonus made with a mobile phone. Professional casinos are also oriented at rewarding mobile players, to attract a larger crowd. This also helps them stand out from their competition and makes players more likely to choose their casino.

Does the casino hold a license?

For the casino to be fully verified and legal, it must hold a license from any gambling authority. There are several of these authorities that verify the legality of the online casino, and the jurisdiction the casino operates in.

Before spending money on an online casino, it would be wise to check whether the casino that interests you holds such a license. This is information that should be publicly available on the casino website.

If the casino is registered under a certain license, then you know for sure that it’s completely legal and safe to play at. These procedures are very detailed, and the casino needs to provide a lot of proof about the way it conducts business before it can obtain a license.

Therefore, always make sure to choose a casino with a license. If you fail to do so, you may find yourself exposed to some sort of scam, which will not only waste your time but your money as well.

Casinos with the fastest payout possible

Here is a list of online casinos in New Zealand that offers really fast withdrawals:

  • PiratePlay – 100% up to 5000 NZD
  • Dolly Casino – Fastest payouts possible for an online casino
  • BitStarz – Super quick withdrawals with crypto
  • Johnny Jackpot – Great Bonus & Very quick payouts
  • Quickino – Fast payouts & good withdrawal options

What are the most commonly used fast payment methods?

It doesn’t matter what kind of games you like, it’s important that you are able to withdraw your hard-earned winnings with ease. After all, the whole point of this is to make withdrawals as fast as possible for player convenience.

Long gone are the days when players had to spend days waiting for their casino winnings to arrive. Thanks to the huge plethora of different payment processors we now have, the ability to instantly receive money from gambling is a reality.

Most if not all of the payment processors in this list are widely available, and well-known. So let’s get over the list to see what people like using the most.


One of the most modern and contemporary ways to transfer money is through cryptocurrencies. Apart from being very fast, cryptocurrencies also offer a very private and secure way of conducting your financial business. The process is swift and smooth, and some casinos even offer certain bonuses if you withdraw money this way.

Not all casinos support this method yet but more and more support it every day. So if you have the chance to use this method, go ahead. It’s perfectly safe.


This is one of the most well-known and reputable payment processors ever made. Millions of people use PayPal every day. It’s used for shopping, receiving money, and now it’s one of the best to use when it comes to an E wallet for gambling withdrawals.

Some of the fastest payouts are made through PayPal. It’s very easy and safe to use, and many, if not all reputable casinos offer a way for the players to withdraw money through it. If you want to receive money instantly, using PayPal is not a bad idea at all.

Waiting 48 hours to receive your money is a thing of the past.


Extremely similar to PayPal, Skrill is available worldwide almost everywhere. A good and reputable casino will likely have Skrill on its list of payment processors for the fastest payouts out there.

It’s considered one of the best and safest ways to send and receive money today. Some people even consider it to be the best replacement for PayPal today.


Again, this is a very well-known and popular payment processor offering some of the fastest payouts and minimal processing times when it comes to receiving money from someone else. In this case, from an online casino.

Neteller can also send you a card which you can use as a bank credit or debit card, where your balance is stored. This allows for great flexibility, so you can go shopping with your winnings, as soon as you receive them. If you are looking for a good withdrawal option, you can’t go wrong with Neteller.


Promising some of the fastest payouts, Paysafecard is a great option for everyone. You can easily link a bank account to this payment processor and withdraw your winnings with great speed and ease.

Choose a casino that offers PayPal, NetEller or Skrill. This will bring you a very fast withdrawal from the casino online. A casino that offers this is Pirateplay.
If you want instant withdrawals from an online casino in New Zealand you can pick Skrill as the payment method, as soon as the casino accepts it, it will be in your account.
This is something every casino does and you do not have to be scared. It's only their verification process in order to uphold certain requirements that are being put on them by their licensee.
No, there are no laws in New Zealand that stipulates that you need to pay tax if you win money from a casino with fast withdrawals.