Best Online Casinos For NZ 2020

Welcome to CasinoTricks! We have scoured the internet to make sure that you'll find the best online casino for New Zealand right now. We have our focus on bonuses for pokies but we haven't forgotten about the rest, there's a mix of new online casinos for New Zealand and also old-timers that have proved themselves over the years with their incredible welcome offers. In short, at CasinoTricks you will find amazing new deals for you to be able to play at an amazing online casino for players from New Zealand today.

List of our top rated casinos

How Can I Deposit To Online Casinos?

The world of online casinos has come a long way since the start of the late 20th century, back then the sites were very simple and not that user friendly. There were usually only 1 or 2 deposit methods so you can imagine it was pretty difficult to play casino.

Back then it was also not uncommon that you as a player could actually mail cash to the site and that would of course take days! Imagine mailing cash from New Zealand to all of the online casinos in Europe, it’s truly amazing how far we have come in terms of technology in only a few years’ time. With a few clicks of a button, you are ready to play the best casino from New Zealand today!

Different Available Methods

Luckily, nowadays gaming online for nz is much easier. Our casino’s offer all the latest and best payment methods. Here you’ll have a quick list of our personal favorites and some examples of what you can expect at our casino sites.

  • VISA / MasterCard – The classic credit card or debit card that you do your normal shopping with can also be used when you are playing online. With lightning fast deposits and easy use it’s not surprising as to why this is one the most common deposit method.
  • PaySafecard – The card that you can buy online or in a store, a very smooth experience whilst you are playing casino games. One thing you must remember before you start to play, you can’t use PaySafeCard as a withdrawal method.
  • Skrill – An E-wallet that’s fast, safe and trustworthy and has been used at casinos in New Zealand for a long time. Skrill has been in the game for quite some time now and it’s easy to see why. A method that can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • NetEller – Also an E-wallet (same owner as Skrill) easy to get started with and get your first deposit done. This method can be used for both deposits and withdrawals and with such similarities with Skrill this had to make our list of personal favorites. Try it out now and you’ll see why!

Many more – Check out our online pokies site written for New Zealand, there you can find more methods! They all differ a bit but we can assure you that they have at least 1 or 2 of the methods listed above.

We guarantee that all of the payment methods that our listed casinos have are very safe and reliable, the ones that we have written about above are the ones that we at CasinoTricks usually prefer when we are doing some online gambling. You do not have to wait a long time for your first deposit to come through and you can use all of the methods above except PaySafeCard also when you are withdrawing your win. Maybe after crushing it at the table games?

All of our listed casinos for New Zealand have great customer service and if you have any questions what so ever regarding deposit or withdrawal methods we please direct you to them if you haven’t found your answer here.

Are Online Casinos for New Zealand Safe?

In short – Yes.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you in the long version as well.

Gambling has always, unfortunately, had a bit of a bad reputation. Most likely this is due to the fact that back in the days gambling was associated with gangsters sitting in a dark basement playing with their lives at stake. This type of thinking is luckily behind us and now we can finally reap the benefits of having several safe casino sites for you from New Zealand to choose from. Before we list a casino for the nz market on our site we have several check marks that need to be ticked before we list it. This is so you as a player from New Zealand can feel safe and when you are playing know what you are playing at a trustworthy casino site. This is something we encourage all of our players to check before they start playing if they were to find a casino outside of CasinoTricks, we do not recommend doing this since we have already done the job for you. Here you will find the safest online casino for New Zealand.

Almost every casino that we list is licensed by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). This little island in the Mediterranean has been the online gambling hub for 20 years. The government there decided to start and give out casino licenses to boost their economy. That’s why almost every casino is located in Malta. If you are playing from New Zealand with a casino licensed from MGA you will know that it’s a safe and secure place for you to play at. By having a license from example MGA means that the casino will go through an audit every year to ensure that all the slot machines and deposit methods are up to standards and that the casino provides fair real money play to their players in every way. We also have some casinos listed that are licensed by Curacao. Curacao has similarities with Malta as it’s also a small island. This island is located in the South Caribbean Sea and belongs to the Netherlands.

So to summarize: Play at a casino that we have listed and you can feel very safe whilst playing casino from New Zealand.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes on Casino Wins in New Zealand?

You just got the big win you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe when you were playing some spins at one of our highly recommended casinos using a casino bonus NZ? Now you are sitting in the comfort of your own home in New Zealand waiting for a big withdrawal to come through and you’re asking yourself if the tax man wants a cut as well. We can happily say NO. You as a player does not have to pay a single dollar in taxes when it comes to gambling winnings on our casinos that target New Zealand.

Casino for NZ

Online casinos for NZ were not something that was very common back in the day, luckily this type of thinking from the online operators has changed, and now we can finally enjoy really good casino experiences from New Zealand with operators that have years and years of experience. At our sites, you’ll be able to find many different games that will suit every type of players. You can also expect a lot of different promotions at the casinos we have listed for New Zealand, and it’s not uncommon that you will get something just for signing up! Also, every single casino that we have reviewed for you will also give you a little extra when you make your first deposit. This is to make sure our players from New Zealand will get the best possible experience when they are playing online casino.

Are Online Casinos popular in other parts of the world?

Ever since the beginning of the century it has been very popular with online casinos, not only for New Zealand. There has been a lot of change and strict regulation is a common thing. In Sweden you have a deposit limit that’s imposed by the government, luckily there are Casinos without limits that you can play at.

How To Find Your Favorite Casino

It’s always tricky to know what to look for in a favorite online casino. It’s very dependent on what you as a player from NZ would like to focus on and of course we do not all have the same favorites. We recommend you to think about what you actually want out of an online casino. Whether it’s many different games, instant withdrawals, or the comfort in knowing that the casinos support will always be there to help you. We recommend you, players, to try out many different casino operators before you decide. A good thing with trying out many different casino is that you’ll easily start to realize what you as a player think is important, maybe you’ll find that a specific casino offers some games that you prefer? Another good thing with trying out many different casinos for New Zealand players is that you’ll be able to get many different promotions that the casino usually dish out when you make your first deposit. After going through what we have written here on our pages we hope that you as a player will be able to your “best casino” in no time.

When You Register To An Online Casino from New Zealand

You have checked our online casino bonus nz offers and you have decided for one of many online casinos that we have offers from. Again, we recommend you that you use our links when you are registering to an online casino, with this you make sure that it’s for players from New Zealand but also that the casinos are legit and you won’t have any issues. Another crucial thing when you register your account is that you will have to fill in the correct details, do not give some bogus address but keep it real. The reason for this is that you might have to provide documentation to the casino when you are making your first withdrawal, this is due to licensing requirements that we mentioned earlier in the text. Usually, it’s enough just to provide the casino with a picture of your ID and something along the lines of an electric bill to show the casino as proof of address. Since we have many years in the industry we understand this process very well, this is not for the casino to “be annoying” – this is to make sure that they are upholding all the relevant laws and regulations in their specific market.

Popularity of Online Casino in New Zealand

The rise of online gambling and online casino sites in New Zealand has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. More and more kiwis are discovering how fun it is to play online. It’s estimated that it will keep on growing and over the next couple of years at least double in size. This is due to several reasons, mainly because now there are so many more online casinos to choose from as a player from New Zealand. Another thing is also that players are becoming more and more experienced on how to become profitable while playing online, you will find some healthy tips and tricks on our page dedicated to make you a better player whilst playing at some of our best casino. We at casinotricks are really hoping for it to grow since this will make all the online casinos for NZ compete with each other with even faster withdrawal times, easier registration flows, better promotions, and overall better sites!

Likelihood Of Winning at an Online Casino

The probability of winning some serious money depends a lot on you and what actions you take when you are playing. You have to decide how much you would like to gamble. We would recommend that you start out playing some low volatile games such as Bloodsuckers if you are not an experienced casino player. That is a slot machine that will give you a lot of wins but not necessarily the biggest ones. After you have a feel for how everything works you can decide that you want to aim for the big payday and switch to Book of Dead as an example. Another important thing to remember is that the casino will always have a small edge against you, but this doesn’t mean at all that you can’t win big.

We always recommend that you set a goal to accomplish money-wise before you start playing casino, of course, you should always play for fun but some extra money never hurts. After you have hit your goal you should withdraw your money from the casino. Using a tactic like this would make it easier for you to take your winnings and stop playing casino after you have had your big win on the casino games, we know it’s common to start and raise the stakes to be able to hit even bigger wins but we do not recommend doing this as bigger stakes might lead to bigger wins but unfortunately, also bigger losses at the casino.

Play Online Casino from New Zealand on your Smart Phone

One of the biggest changes in online casino for New Zealand is that now many casinos understand what the player wants and a big switch has been made in how the player wants to play online casino. A few years ago it was not fairly uncommon that an online casino for New Zealand had their website optimized for your smart phone because the majority of the players preferred to play via their computer. There are still many who enjoy playing casino on their computer but now every single website also offers their services via your smartphone, cleverly optimized so you won’t experience any bugs or things like that. We recommend all players to try out some casino games on their phone if you haven’t. Some of us only play casino games via the phone, and that is why every single online casino for NZ that we have listed on our site works with no issues at all using your mobile phone.

Playing on Casino Sites With Real Money

You have maybe thought about playing at an online casino for New Zealand but you aren’t sure if you want to play with real money. That is completely understandable. We have all been there and what we would suggest you do is to check our casino offers and find a casino that has a “No deposit bonus” offer, there are several casino sites for New Zealand that do offer that. Then you will have the chance to try it out for free before you decide to make your first deposit to an online casinos nz. This is something that we can really recommend you doing and who knows? Maybe you’ll end out as a winner! There are several benefits in trying out an online casino before you make your first deposit. A few examples of this is that you, as a player will get a feel how the casino is handling things ranging from game providers, different type of pokies, live casino, how the live dealer handles things and loading times to name a few. We also always recommend to just have a live chat with the casinos Customer Support to check out how they are. Always remember to play responsibly whilst playing casino games and only with money you can afford to lose.

Fast Withdrawal Times for Players from New Zealand

Nowadays, one of the most important things for players playing casino online from New Zealand is that the casino they are playing at offers them really fast withdrawal times. After a survey done by CasinoTricks with 500 casino players originating from New Zealand, 86% thought that fast withdrawals were a top 2 priority when it came to choosing their online casino. We also believe that fast withdrawals are super important to heighten the gambling experience. One of the key things we look at in a casino when we decide if we are going to recommend it on this website is fast withdrawal times. Therefore we can guarantee that if we list a casino it won’t just have great games, but also the players enjoying the casinos gambling products can also be calm in knowing that if they request a withdrawal from the casino, it won’t take long until it’s on its way and ready for you to enjoy! We really recommend BitStarz casino when it comes to fast withdrawal casinos NZ. Bitstarz launched as a casino back in 2014 and they are a casino that really understands the importance of fast withdrawal times for players from New Zealand. Players from New Zealand will have an average withdrawal process time from the casino of 10 minutes!

How fast are my withdrawals from the casino?

A thing that is very important when it comes to playing online casinos in NZ is to have fast withdrawals from the casino you are playing at. That is why we always make sure that the casinos from New Zealand that we work with all have the fastest withdrawal times possible. To be able to quickly get your withdrawal is something crucial and that is something we understand since we are players as well. Fast withdrawal casinos NZ are the future and we are aiming daily to make sure that you will not be disappointed.

List of fast withdrawal casinos in New Zealand

  • BitStarz – INSTANT withdrawals when you are a customer from New Zealand
  • Slotwolf – 5-10 minute withdrawal time
  • TwinCasino – 5-10 minute withdrawal time
  • BobbiesCasino – 10-20 minute withdrawal time
  • SnappyCasino – 10-20 minute withdrawal time

We will continue to bring you fast withdrawal casinos for NZ – we aim to please!


🇳🇿 Is it safe to play online casino from New Zealand?

Yes, the casinos are vetted by us and been thoroughly examined to make sure that it's totally safe for you as a player from NZ. They are all licensed by a regulatory body, for example, Malta Gaming Authority.

🇳🇿 How quick do I get my withdrawals?

We have specialized in only working with casinos that have the fastest withdrawals on the market. As soon as you are a verified user you can expect as short as 10 minutes until you can spend your winnings.

🇳🇿 Do I have to pay tax on casino winnings?

No! You do not have to pay anything in taxes if you have a nice win from an online casino for NZ. You do not even have to report it to any authority. This is something that's very pleasant for players from New Zealand.

🇳🇿 How can I deposit?

You can always find several different deposit methods and we can guarantee you that you will find an option that will suit your particular needs.

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