Best Online Pokies NZ 2020

It's always hard to get the best of Pokies online. We have tried to get the best Online Pokies for you. We have gathered the best available information on online pokies, and we are sure that you will enjoy these today. Even if you haven't tried online pokies yet for you can always try it for free. Learn how to beat and enjoy Online Pokies Today!

Playing Online Pokies From New Zealand

You have played the pokies in a live setting and understand why it’s so much fun, you can socialize with your friends and also have the opportunity to win some extra cash. Now you are sitting at home by your computer or via your smartphone in New Zealand online wanting to play some casino games but don’t know where to start.

That is understandable and that’s why we, a bunch of friends started this website where we will give you the best advice for online pokies available in New Zealand right now as well as going through how to deposit to an online casino, how to wager a welcome promotion and giving you some valuable Tips and Tricks along the way!

An online casino for New Zealand online in which you can play online pokies nz is not that much different from a live setting except that you will have the possibility to play so many more types of games. The progressive jackpot games are larger online and it’s overall much fairer for the players.

Difference between Online and Live Pokies

Of course, you’ll find the classic pokies in an online setting as well as a live setting, with nerve thrilling excitement and the possibility to have amazing wins the online pokies must be on your list if you are going to play with one of our online casinos for New Zealand online. For New Zealand they haven’t been around as long as traditional pokies have, it actually started as long ago as 1895 and we do not think the creator Charles Fey knew what crazy thing he had invented, it became an instant classic where you can just sit down and relax after a hard days’ work. Back then it was a very simple machine with only 3 reels and wouldn’t last a second as online pokies these days.

Modern online pokies are usually built up with 5 different reels where you should combine the different symbols in a winning line. Usually, the goal for these online pokies for New Zealand is to get into the bonus round where the free spins can give you insane wins! There are also some up and comers that have tried to do online pokies a bit differently with game providers such as Australia’s Big Time Gaming and Push Gaming to name a few providers that offers online games, if you are going to play Push Gaming you can’t miss our favorite Jammin’ Jars – collect a few Jars and you’ll win big at online pokies! Players from New Zealand will have a lot of options to play the best online pokies possible.

Different Type Of Pokies

We mentioned earlier that there are some providers that have tried to do online pokies nz for New Zealand in an updated way, one of those is BTG (BigTimeGaming) who created a new type of pokie called Megaways™. Every spin you do is in sense, new. You don’t know how many different ways you can win on. The standard pokies online usually offers 243 different pay lines but with Megaways™ you can have up to 117,649 different ways to get that big win, pretty insane if you ask us! One of the simplest ways of explaining how these types of online pokies work are this: The reels are with every spin changing, so you can have 1 big symbol as the entire reel or you can have many small symbols to be able to get many insane wild lines which we all love and hunt for. If you haven’t had the time or opportunity to check them out we would really recommend you to discover a new type of pokie at one of our listed casino online nz.

Another type of slot games is the ones that have jackpots built into them. The most classic jackpot pokie is Mega Moolah in which actually a person playing from New Zealand online won over $NZ 10 Million, that online pokies should be a must on your list whilst playing from New Zealand online.

A quick tip when playing online pokies from New Zealand: We do not recommend to “Gamble” after a big win at for example Book of Dead unless you are feeling really lucky, the game provider has it there so they hope that you will lose your big win on online pokies. We from New Zealand do love to gamble though, so it’s up to you! More tricks whilst playing online pokies from New Zealand online? Go to our Tips And Tricks page.

Can I try Online Pokies For Free?

A question that we usually get is if it’s possible to do some testing for you nz kiwis before you make your first deposit and the answer to your question is Yes, you can! After you have registered at an on line casino you have the chance to try all online slots free mode rather than with real money. This is a way of testing games that we at really can get behind and we usually do it ourselves before we start playing with real money. It’s a tremendous way of finding out exactly how the different features work so you won’t be in for any surprises later on, and you’ll get a good overall feeling of the pokies. As we said, the slot will work exactly as it would if you were playing with NZD so why not try before you play from New Zealand online?

New Fun Online Pokies for New Zealand

There are several new Pokies for New Zealand online that are released every second. The Pokies in 2020 are one of a kind. Every game operator is trying to outsmart the other one and I know that would make for several world-class new pokies online. I asked a friend that’s involved with an operator for New Zealand online and he said that the online pokies Deadwood from No Limit City is crazy, almost all nz players won big after their first try! The Bonus round available on online pokies like Deadwood can really change your life. He though said that the downturn on pokies like this is that you could also, unfortunately, get fairly unlucky but he said that the big wins outweighed it in the end. Whilst playing on online casinos from New Zealand online, Deadwood is a must.

How To Find Your Favorite Type of Online Pokies for NZ

The best thing to do whilst playing nz casino online is to find your favorite type of games. This is something all experienced gamblers would agree on. Online pokies are, to be honest, a bit of a jungle and it’s difficult to find the one you appreciate the most. After a while of trying out some of the best pokies for free you will find your new favorite and the best online pokies in no-time! Players from New Zealand can be calm in knowing that every single game provider can be found and almost all will also be available to try out without having to wager any real money, maybe try out the freespins round in an exciting in a few new games before you play for real?

How Much Can You Win Whilst Playing Online?

Winning some serious money is definitely possible whilst playing online pokies but the question is, how much? So, this will depend on a few things ranging all from what type of online pokies you are playing and also how much you are betting on each spin. Some players prefer to play jackpot game and those can be up in the millions of NZD! But the majority of gamblers from New Zealand prefers to play normal pokies in which the goal is to get to the bonus round. If the game is high volatile you can win gigantic sums of money, a few examples of these games are Lil Devil from the game provider BTG in which you can win up to at least 60,000 times your stake! Another fun game, which some of them is the best online for players from New Zealand is Razor Shark, there you will have the chance to win 50,000 times your stake! Cross your fingers and play online now.

Win Jackpots Online from New Zealand

You might have heard about Jackpots, these are online pokies which every single wager takes a bit of a losing spin and credits that to a Jackpot. In order to win it whilst playing pokies from New Zealand online you often have to get several correct symbols in a row and the maximum win can be several Million NZD. These make out for great excitement every time players play them and you always hope a bit extra every spin to get into the bonus round. We recommend all players from New Zealand to try out some of these online slots when you are gambling from New Zealand online!

Are The Games Fair for New Zealand Online?

You might be wondering, how can I make sure that when I play I am treated fairly and nothing has been tampered with when it comes to the fairness of the games? A totally viable question and sometimes we all might believe that it’s “rigged”. Our answer is that every operator that we work with is licensed by a regulatory body, for example, Malta Gaming Authority or MGA for short. This makes sure you are treated fairly and playing safe games from New Zealand online. We have written more extensively regarding this, we invite you to read more in-depth regarding this over at our Homepage.


🇳🇿 Can I try online pokies for free?

Yes, every online casino usually offers the possibility for you to be able to try out the pokies you want to play before you start to play for real money. This is often called "Demo-mode" or "Try For Free-mode".

🇳🇿 How fair are online pokies?

The online pokies you can find online often have around 95-97% RTP (Return to Player). This means that you will roughly get around that percentage back. Remember, you can always have higher or lower RTP then that.

🇳🇿 Are online pokies safe?

Yes, online pokies are safe. They are regularly tested by third-party providers that don't have any connection with either the casino or the game provider.

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